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Replacement Questions unanswered in support ticket


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Long story short:


I purchased a Corsair One off of Amazon. Apparently a mistake as my unit has been identified as being affected by a known ribbon cable issue. Seems accurate as right now it has become an involved process to even get it to post.


Anyway: contacted support on 3rd October and have been offered an advance replacement.


Not the scenario you hope for when you buy a premium prebuilt from a renown manufacturer, but I get it, things like these can happen.


Obviously this is time consuming and annoying for me since I will have to transfer my data over to the new unit, send the defective one back, then hope to get my money back somewhat quickly etc. - I am sure you can see my point.


So, I thought it would not be too much to ask for for Corsair to provide me with a cross ethernet cable, to make at least the data transfer process less of a pain for me. I would even send it back if you cannot spare one.


However, I was simply told that "we do not have an ethernet cable".


Now, I was a bit perplexed hearing that coming from Corsair and so was everyone I spoke to about this.


Anyway, I then asked for a large USB drive as an alternative, since I know you have those, but my question got ignored.


To be fair, I did say in my frustration "if you simply do not want to help me, please, let's just move on", but, frankly, I did assume some other form of assistance would be offered to me.


Further, I am also fairly sure the person I have been talking to via email/support tickets at this point thinks of me as an annoying customer, and I believe there was some subtle trolling going on in their responses to me.


Again, I get it, it's not their fault my Corsair One is broken and that I have to waste my time with this, but it would be cool if I could speak to somebody who is not (yet) annoyed with me.


For the record: support is atm waiting for me to tell them when they can call me. I deliberately delayed my response as I will have to wait with the delivery until 9th November when I will be able to receive the new, hopefully not defective unit.


Support ticket number: 789122

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Still haven't received my tracking number, which makes communication with the delivery guys more complicated than it should be!


Yesterday I received a call from the delivery people. They were not able to figure out where to deliver my replacement to because someone had written "Hong Kong, Canada, United Kingdom" and the post code on the package - probably not ideal!


After telling them where to deliver to, I was greeted by the courier today asking me for £89,99 "for taxes" because the package is from the US. As he could only take cash, and I don't have cash on me unless I know I need it - which I did not, because at no point was I told I would have to front another ~$120 to receive a replacement for my faulty product - he took it with him.


Then I receive a call about the delivery guys wanting to arrange the pick up for the faulty unit. I, of course, cannot arrange that because I have not received my replacement yet, due to the above. And I was told by you that it would be up to me when I send the faulty unit back - remember I still have to move all my data to the new unit, so it's not like I will be sending it back right after receiving the replacement.


I will be expecting a full refund for any payments I am asked to make to the courier and I am sorely disappointed yet again. It seems that there just has to be another complication every step of the way with Corsair.

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