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lighting node pro and icue


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i currently have:

K70 lux rgb


M65 pro

and lighting node pro (bought today)

i also have one HD120 rgb


here is my issue. I was under the impression that the LNP would control my HD120 leds, i was wrong and understand i need a fan hub/commander.

im using the latest beta of icue and a simple rgb profile i made myself. icue detects the LNP and the profile links to them and they light up...however, they dont light up in the deirection i want them to. i know that with the link software i can "position" the LED strips. cna i do that in icue or can i position them with link but have icue still use my profile?


edit: i use a right hand setup but my case is on my left flat against the wall...if that helps

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The Fan Hub and the Commander Pro aren't equivalent - even with a Commander Pro, you'd still need a Fan Hub. You can get the fan hub from here: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/PC-Components/Cooling-And-Corsair-Link/CORSAIR-RGB-Fan-LED-Hub/p/CO-8950020. Now, the next challenge is that the last time that I, personally, purchased a standalone fan hub, it didn't come with any cables. If that's still the case, you can make them (look in my signature) or purchase one here - https://www.ebay.com/sch/piratedog_tech/m.html. I would order the fan hub and make sure it doesn't have the cable before buying the cable though.


Next ... for the strips - I'm not sure that I understand. In Link, you did have a picture of your case and you could arrange the strips but it didn't have any impact on the lighting effects. With iCue (and with Link), they'll operate in the order in which they are in the chain - so maybe reversing them on the chain? Also, some effects are reversable, so maybe that'll work? Finally, you can do individual effects per strip (or even per LED) in iCue .. so maybe that's it?

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