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Fixed - BSOD After reformat and installation of RTX 2070 & iCUE


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I'm hoping this helps anyone else who is looking to RMA their RTX card. I don't know at all what components might not be compatible, but after reformatting my computer and fresh installing Windows 10 1803 I started getting BSODs every day (nvlddmkm.sys).


My event log showed a spam of nvlddmkm errors which usually points to video card, but it is very generic and does not always mean the hardware/driver itself.


I checked Windows 10 Reliability tool and saw a slew of Corsair stopped working errors and uninstall/reinstalled the app to no avail. I instead grabbed CUE2 from http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=166450 back on the 29th and have not received one Reliability event since and not a single BSOD.


I hope this helps either Nvidia work with Corsair or expose a problem with Windows 10 1803.. either way, something not right here and I'm 100% working again.

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