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ASUS A8V and Corsair XMS 512mBx2


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Hello this is my system setup



X800 Pro

Corsiar XMS 512 2-2-2-5 XLPT 2x, not the Twinx both revision numer 1.2



I have latest BIOS.

I can run either sticks at 2-2-2-5 fine memtest 3x with no errors.


However when i put in either 2-4 or 1-3 slots with BOTH rams. I get errors at 2-2-2-5. I havn't been able to fix it for about 1 month now. So I stayed at 2-3-3-5 and mem test gives me no errors for that. I didn't care much about the timing.


However, recently I reseted the CMOS (at least that is what i think i did) and when I revert all the settings, my computer is unstable. It freezes randomly in programs such as Warcraft III, MSWord 2000 and 2003, World of Warcraft, 3D mark 03 and 05. I cannot move mouse or anything, I have to hard boot.


Is it my motherboard ? CPU ? ram ?

I cannot do my homework because MSword freezs about every 1min, and I have to restart my computer =\


400mhz DDR

2T enabled,

Bank interleaving auto

node interleaving auto

4 banks

2.8V all the time.

2-3-3-6 is my current setting, it still freezes

everything else is default.

Computer nor CPU is overclocked.


520W Aspire powersupply, 30,32,35Amps on the 3.3,5,12 volt rails.

Using Watercool from Zalman, I don't think cooling is a problem.




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Hello, I updated my BIOS, run each sticks individually at 2-2-2-5. One stick gives me about 20 errors per run. I think that one is faulty. If i put both in, It gives me more errors.


One stick runs 6x with 200 errors

other with 7x no errors

Both with same settings

with memtest



I used DDR400

Voltage 2.8

Node interleaving disabled

Bank interleaving auto


2-2-2-5, everything else is auto


I think the ram is faulty. I don't know why it didn't show last time, maybe i tested it at 2-3-3-5.

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Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part!” and we will be happy to replace them or it!



Hello, I sent the RMA info, but was not able to get a responce. Waited 1 week. :confused:



Found on left side of your RAM Guy posting is


Forum Post Number: #176643 Correct?

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