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HD Fans Hub To MSI Jcorsair Connector cable


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That should be a standard Fan Hub cable. I don't know why they have a 3-wire connection on there. The JCORSAIR header should provide +5V on pin 1 - and the Fan Hub also provides +5V on Pin 1. So they have two "Power Out" connections connected to each other. I cannot imagine that this is a good idea.


What you would need is a standard RGB LED Fan Hub cable - 3 pins / 2 wires. It provides Data (pin 2) and Ground (pin 3). Pin 1 is not required.


The +5V on Pin 1 is for powering the RGB LED Strips - the Fan Hub has its own power connection and doesn't need input power on Pin 1. The +5V on the Fan Hub input connector is for powering the push-button controllers for the HD and SP fans.


Hope that clears things up for you.

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Well, the Lighting Node Pro isn't sold by itself, only with 4 strips (https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/CORSAIR-LINK/CORSAIR-Lighting-Node-PRO/p/CL-9011109-WW)


That said, you'd get far better control and more effects with a NoPro and iCue. And some lighting strips as well.


As for the expense - you can always make your own. Or, if you are comfortable with it, some folks have used RaspPi-style jumper cables.

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ok, just to clarify. I can use buy the NoPro set and then use my hub with that.


You can. I just got a new NoPro/Lighting Strips pack and it came with 2 fan hub cables.


As for the z370 board ... cannot say. And, TBH, at this point, I'd get a Z390 if I was getting an Intel board.

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to add to this........


Inside the box for the above Motherboard there are an assortment of included accessories which include:


• User Manual

• Quick Start Guide

• Register Leaflet

• Driver CD

• Rear IO Shield

• SLI HB Bridge

• Dual-band Wireless-AC 8265 Card w/ two antennas

• 4x SATA Cables

Corsair Link Cable

• RGB lighting cables

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