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[HELP]Starting my own Corsair Light Effect App


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Hi Community :

I am a new guy that trying to start building my own Corsair console app. I download the ICUE SDK. I look at the example, and I am trying mess around with it. It just not working. It keeps saying that "***" identifier not found

Here are the steps that I have done:


1. Start a C++ console project in Visual Studio 2017

2. Copy include, lib and redist folder into the Root of my project

3. Go to Project properties-->C/C++-->General-->Additional Include Directories, Add the follow line $(SolutionDir)include\

4. Go to Project properties-->Linker->General-->Additional Library Directories, Add the follow line, $(SolutionDir)lib\x64\

5. Go to Project properties-->Linker->Input-->Additional Dependencies, add follow line in front of it, CUESDK.x64_2013.lib;

6. Go to Project properties-->Build Events-->Post-Build Event-->Command Line, add following line, xcopy /Y /I "$(SolutionDir)redist\x64\*" "$(OutDir)"

7. Apply all of those

8. Go to main file, Add #include <CUESDK.h>

9. Then add this into main function, CorsairPerformProtocolHandshake();

10, Rebuild it, and error come out. Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State

Error C3861 'CorsairPerformProtocolHandshake': identifier not found CorsairC++ c:\users\****\lightcontrol\corsairc++\corsairc++\corsairc++.cpp 21


Can any 1 tell me where did I do wrong or I am missing steps

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