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Profiles not saving at all


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So I just bought the Dark Core Regular mouse for wireless connectivity.


I updated the software on my computer, and I updated the firmware on the mouse.


When ever I create a profile on the software it seems to be applying itself to ALL profiles.


Where as when I set the DPI to anything on one profile, it sets it to ALL profiles. I can create 3, 5, 7, and even 9 profiles and on every profile every setting remains the same and is copied to all other profiles.


Aside from my mouse not saving the default profile every time I reset my computer, or even when I have it shut down and then have it turn back on it sets itself to its own default profile that is EXTREMELY SLOW.


Why does this keep happening? Is there a fix? Do I need to reinstall everything?


Honestly I am having quite a time trying to fix this issue myself and there are no known answers to this problem. I have tried factory resetting my mouse and it did not work. I tried deleting all of the profiles and resetting them and it did not work. What is happening with this mouse? Sometimes when I restart my computer or restart the mouse the e button is repeating on my mouse. When I turn off my mouse it stops typing in e even though I do not have any macros assigned to my mouse what so ever.


It seems like either the software, or the firmware is completely corrupted.

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