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DDR3 2400 MHz Command Rate 1T?


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Hi, fellas!


I'm curious whether I will can able to run this kit(CMY16GX3M2A2400C11R) to 1T Command Rate at 2400MHz, stock latency(11-13-13-31) and voltage, with current setup(can be seen in specs)?


Anyone has experience with these CPU's(Kaveri) IMC and 1T Command Rate at stated speed and latency with this RAM kit, or 1T at 2400 MHz is a mission impossible?


Thanks for the adequate and fast response! I will post results if I get the Vengeance Pro kit.

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The question usually is if the IMC and your board can handle a command rate of 1T at that frequency. Many FM2(+) setups can not.


Even though the XMP is only being specced for 2T, the kit itself will probably have no issues with that. It is pretty easy to verify with a somewhat decent Ivy Bridge (Z77) or Haswell (Z87/Z97) based system, since they can handle 1T at DDR3-2933+ no problem.

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