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What fan is the best?


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It doesn't really work like that. The fans should not be the limiting or critical factor in your cooling unless you are 1-2C from thermal throttling. If that is the case, then you need the loudest, fastest fans you can get -- the ones no one else wants and not these. Statistical differences between the ML, LL, and HD are pretty thin and borderline non-existent in real application.


On a radiator, the ML-RGB series would work better than the others in a low speed system designed to be quiet. The slightly more open blade and higher RPM limit of the HD and LL give it a slight advantage, when running at maximum. Slight being the operative word, again unless that 0.5-1.0C difference really does matter. The ML-RGB will make less noise at higher speeds, particularly when inverted. That kind of offsets any gains from the others since you can run it a bit faster for the same noise. As a standard case fan, the LL and HD should move a little bit more air, but again that is not likely to change real hardware values. The ML would be better in restricted spaces or as direct cooling fans. I have both full HD and ML-RGB sets. I just switched them. No difference on either cooling system or in case temps, but there is a clear lighting and stylistic difference. See below.


The more complex differences are in their lighting implementation, appearance, and functionality. It is along those lines you should choose. These things cost too much to not love the fan for its looks, unless that 0.5C difference really is what you need.

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