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ICUE will not launch


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Hey guys, im having an issue where icue will not launch and gives me this error




Failed to create OpenGL context for format QSurfaceFormat(version 2.0, options QFlags<QSurfaceFormat::FormatOption>(), depthBufferSize 24, redBufferSize -1, greenBufferSize -1, blueBufferSize -1, alphaBufferSize -1, stencilBufferSize 8, samples -1, swapBehavior QSurfaceFormat::SwapBehavior(DoubleBuffer), swapInterval 1, profile QSurfaceFormat::OpenGLContextProfile(NoProfile)) .

This is most likely caused by not having the necessary graphics drivers installed.


Install a driver providing OpenGL 2.0 or higher, or, if this is not possible, make sure the ANGLE Open GL ES 2.0 emulation libraries (libEGL.dll, libGLESv2.dll and d3dcompiler_*.dll) are available in the application executable's directory or in a location listed in PATH.





Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling icue, and all of my drivers are up to date. Not sure what to do.

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