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Switching profiles gives some problems


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I've been running into a couple of small problems with iCue.


I've got the following hardware:

Corsair 570X mirrored Black

Corsair HX850i PSU

Asus Maxiums X Code

Intel 7800K (+EKWB RGB block)

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB 3600

Asus GTX1080 Poseidon (+EKWB RGB block)

EKWB D5 RGB pump

EKWB 240 + 360 RAD

Alphacool Helix250 Res

6 Corsair LL120 fans

2x4 Corsair LED strips

Corsair Commander Pro, 2 Corsair Lighting Hubs and a Corsair Lighting Node

Corsair K70 keyboard, Corsair Skimitar Mouse and Corsair MM800 pad.


I've made a profile with linked animations for all Corsair components within iCue. Everything works fine.

When I switch Instant Lighting to black all turns off as expected. Except for my Vengeance RGB Pro's, they just keep running the same animation.

This also happens when I switch to another profile. Everything switches except for the RAM.


Also, what I noticed within the iCue software: When you try to change the animation for the RAM most of the time they will not change. Or when you deselect and select the DIMM modules nothing happens.


Am I missing something in the process or is this a bug or whatever?






Hope someone can help.




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