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Corsair Product serial check HS50


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I am from India and i have recently purchased The corsair HS50 headset from Amazon India. The Product that i received is a china import done by an agency named Abacus Peripherals Pvt ltd. So regarding this i want to check two things


1. How and where to check the authenticity of the product? like serial check etc


2. Does corsair provide support for such products? if not, then thru whom do i get the product replaced if the need ever arises?


BTW, this product is the third I've bought, as the previous two died after working flawlessly for so many years. Both were HS50 (aka h2100) models, but they were the ones with USB port, with the virtual surround sound emulation thru software.

The product I've received is working flawlessly, thou i do miss the loud sound produce by the older models, this model does feel a bit weak in terms of pure loudness of sound produced.

hope to hear from the seniors and the staff soon,




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Hey APS, you can find serial number and PN on the inside of the headband, left hand side. You can just provide the serial number in a support ticket and the team can help to check it.


In regards to support, if you need it for the India region, you can contact IndiaService@corsair.com and they can help you out!

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