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Gigabyte 8I915-Duo-Pro No Do C2


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Corsair TwinX3200-512-C2 kit will only run stock C3 timings.


The motherboard is a Gigabyte 8I915P-Duo-Pro with F5 bios. It takes both DDR2 + DDR.


Details:Evercase 4252 with FSP 400W ATX2 PS, Asus X300 PCIX vid, WD120G SATA, Samsung 16x DVDRW, XP Home SP2, Corsair CMX256A-3200C2

(markings: XMS3202v6.1 0504073-0)


The bios does not have the CAS timings listed, instead you have a section called MB Intelligent Tweaker (MIT).


It has the following options:

Robust Graphics Booster Auto

C.I.A.2 Disabled

CPU Host Clock Control disabled

CPU Host Frequence(Mhz) 200

PCI-E Frequency to CPU Auto

Memory Frequency (Mhz) 400

Dimm Overvoltage Control Normal

PCI-E Overvoltage Control Normal

CPU Voltage Control Normal

Normal CPU Vcore 1.3875


The timings on the ram stay the same if I try them single or dual.


Anyone know of a way I can tweak the timings down.

I do have Gigabyte EasyTune 5 installed but see no adjust for timings there either.


Any help much appreciated




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I would suggest you contact the MB maker for how to change the memory timings. However, in the past at the main bios screen you hit CNTRL + F1 to show the hidden settings.



I would suggest you contact the MB maker for help with that issue.

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