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icue not detecting my LL120


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i always had 3xSP120 wich worked fine with the Lightning node and icue.

now i swapped a little in my case.

I got the h100i v2 and connected 2 LL120 Fans to it

and a third LL120 fan on the MB.

But the LEDs seem to not work.

both of the Fans hooked to the h100i have leds on but i can't control them.

the one connected to the MB has 0 Led's active.


My RGB Strip is connected to the same lightning node and works like a charm.

I already swapped to another lightning node and also swapped the fan controll.

Already reinstalled icue.

They also show up in icue.



Has anybody an idea why i can't control them with icue ?

Best regards

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Have you done a full power down/reset since you switched the channel from SP to LL fans?

Have you tried rearranging the fans on the channel?


Yes i did both.

And by rearranging them they kinda change color.

did some more rearranging, and the one hooked to the motherboard now works fine,

but the 2 connected to the h100i v2 still only have on led light up.

also connected all 3 to the mb now, still the same problem

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