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iCUE not Detecting Lighting Node PRO


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Just beat around the bush a few times buying some individual LL120s, then realizing I needed a Lightning Node PRO + RGB Hub.. Returned the singles and got a 3 pack of the LL120s.


Just got every connected and running, but I'm having trouble controlling the RGB.


I have LINK v4.9.6.19 and iCUE 3.8.91


The RGB Lightning HUB is connected to the Lightning Node PRO, which is connected to a USB header on my mobo ( z730-e ). I get the stock colors / pattern when I boot up the PC. Tried to poke through here and try a few suggested things ( reinstall / reboot etc ) but no luck!


I've attached my logs file from the dump feature in iCUE.


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Have you looked in USBDeView (https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/usb_devices_view.html)? It's likely that the NoPro isn't being picked up on the USB port.


I can't quite tell for sure, but it seems that might be the case? ( see attached ss )


Would the suggestion to be to just try to re-seat the usb connection? or try another header?




Saw from another post "Corsair's VID is 1b1c." which I do not see in that list. I will do some more attempts tonight to see if I can get it to be picked up in there at least


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Yes, Corsair's VID is 1b1c and the Product ID (PID) for the NoPro is 0c0b.


Ok so after a few cable checks, reboots, etc ... looks like we are detecting in iCUE :)


Currently no lights tho! Stand by


Edit: Had wrong channel selected, we're live!

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I just unplugged the SATA power for a bit. Node Pro re-appeared after that though it should never have gone in the first place.


Nothing is reliable though, its all been optimised for profit not reliability.

That goes for USB implementations on most motherboards too. They barely conform to standard in most cases necessitating a 3rd party PCI card with a decent USB controller onboard. Everything is flakey as hell and this is considered normal and acceptable.

I suspect a lot of ICUE problems come from motherboard onboard USB implementations that are "Well dodge!"


One of my node pros does not drive more than 40 LEDs on channel one but will light up 60 LEDs if its a visor. Makes no sense. The other Channel decided to die completely so I took it apart and bypassed the the little blue surface mount fuse with a bit of wire. That channel works fine now.


I suppose its like everything these days, its all engineered to within about a nano metre of failure because if anything was reliable we all wouldn't have to constantly buy replacements.

Speaking of which, fan port number Four on My Commander Pro has died. Probably another fuse but I have not got round to checking because its such a ballache getting it open.

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