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Commander Pro Fan Issues with iCue


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I have a 500D SE and picked up an additional 3 LL120 RGB fans to give me 6 total in the machine.

All 6 fans are connected to the RGB hub provided, and then connected to the first lighting channel on the commander pro.


In iCue, i've set up the channel as 6 LL120 fans.

Instant lighting works flawlessly for all the colors.


However, when I try to change LED manually, only 5 of the 6 fans work. Then still, the LED selected locations don't line up (regardless of orientation I mean- if I select an center LED it might light up one on the outside).


Are there issues with iCue regarding this or could this be a wiring issue?


All the fans light up when rebooting (although strangely the one that is giving me the most trouble is defaulting to color pulse, while the rest default to rainbow wave). That would lean me to think it some hardware issue, but as noted, instant lighting works great for everything and can be set to all colors without issue...


Thanks in advance for any advice...

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The issue followed whichever fan was in the #1 LED channel...I had an extra led hub, so I swapped it out- same thing. It was only detecting 5 fans.


Strangely enough I moved the LED channel for these fans to #2 instead of #1 on the commander pro and all works perfectly.


However, now I can't get my 4 LED strips to work correctly on channel #1. They show up as 'Chassis Lighting' in iCue and I can change partial lighting for them there. Changing them in lighting channel #1 in iCue does nothing.


I'm not sure if there's a software error, or something wrong with the hardware (channel #1 on the commander pro). I'm betting its something weird with the detection of chassis lighting in icue, when there is no chassis lighting in the 500D SE. (The 500D SE provides a 1000D branded commander pro).'


EDIT: Come to think of it, I recall the 1000D commander pro being a special firmware...it shows 1000D in iCUE, not (regular) commander pro. Shouldn't the Corsair 500D SE come with a regular commander pro?

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that would be why the lighting effects are wrong.. as said.. should be a normal CoPro in there... it is accounting for 22 LED's you dont have prior to it lighting your fans up.... if you go into chassis lighting and select those LED you will find your fans light up.....


Contact support dude.... should be as simple as a firmware flash....

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