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Corsair 280x & Radiator Questions


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I recently decided to change my case to the Corsair Crystal 280x but have run into a problem with my AIO cooler. I was hoping I could get some input.


I have an H115i v2 and it doesn't fit with the tubes in the back because my motherboards IO cover thing blocks the tube ever so slightly so I had to rotate it but this blocks the top front fan (which I wanted to have an LL140 there).


Would upgrading to the H115i Pro allow me to swap the orientation so the tubes would be in the back? Like how different is the positioning of the tubing that connects to the radiator? When I compare the pictures on their product pages it looks like the tubing on the radiator is closer together on the Pro when compared to the v2.


Also, would the 3mm thickness increase of the radiator (according to the specs on the product pages) be a problem? There is already a problem where the clip part of the CPU power cable collides with the curved part around the screw hole on the radiator. The adjustable mounting on the case allowed me to squeeze the radiator in and keep clear of this issue by making sure the radiator was pushed back a little.


For reference, my motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-Z270MX-Gaming 5.

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I'm assuming that you are installing the radiator on the top? You could also try the front.


As for the Pro cooler tubing ... it's thinner, more flexible and the connection point is a heck of a lot easier to deal with - it rotates rather than being fixed in place. So ... it might help. But you might have issues with top-mounting and the motherboard.


For what it's worth, I do have a 270x with an H100i V2 installed in it ... on the front. Fits well and was easy to mount. Even with the 240mm radiator, I found that top mounting caused some crazy contortions.

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