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Corsair Vengeance LED RAM problems on EVGA z370 micro atx. Please help!


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I have a Corsair Vengeance LED part number CMU16GX4M2C3000X15R

3000mhz cl15



This is set on XMP 1, it won't let me use XMP 2 (it says that it is not supported).


It also shows 4400mhz on CPU-Z both Automatic bios setting (of ram) and XMP profile 1


I did NOT. NOT. Set it to 4400mhz. That is what it's doing Automatic and XMP Profile 1. When I set to Manual I get BSOD as stated above.


When choosing XMP profile it automatically suggest 3000mhz.

It is still the same that I showed on my picture :( don't know what is happening.




Can someone please help me?:[pouts::[pouts::[pouts:

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