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XMS3500 rocks on with Epox 9NDA3+!


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If you still got Corsair BH-5 and am considering a S939 board, check out the 9NDA3+ threads by mainly me and Polygon over at RebelHaven forums, under Epox A64 boards:




He was the first to devise the VDIMM mod on the board. It's easy and I do it with Pomona Grabbers and a 10-turn 10k pot. As it feeds off the 5-volt rail you don't have to bump pots on the PSU.


I have seven 512MB XMS3500 sticks, and am running my worse pair now at 252, 2-2-2-5 at only 3.28 VDIMM. I briefly checked my other two sets, and I estimate 250 @ 3.185 actual VDIMM. Keep in mind this is 2x512s.


I am burning in my worse set, and looks like they already gained 4 mhz since a year ago. Epox boards are designed around XMS3500, it seems.


If you don't want to pay an arm and a leg for the DFI NF4 SLI-DR with up to 4.0 VDIMM (if you can find one), much less more $$$ for a PCI-Express card, the 9NDA3+ is a cheap alternative to rock with BH-5. I feel the board can handle maybe 3.6-3.8 VDIMM.

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