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500D SE & E-ATX Wont fit for anyone wondering, i tried it today.


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I have just bought a 500D SE and E-ATX motherboards don't fit unlike they do on a 570x, just to make you all aware, i think if someone manages to get one in its gonna be ruff to say the least.


I am gonna ask SCAN if i can return my 500D SE and buy the 1000D i know its bigger etc but if have a run a big case i might as well run the best one.


for anyone wondering the motherboard is a ASUS RAMPAGE VI EXTREME (2066)


Just come back on and seen Zotty is here still who was a hero with the 570X RGB stuff so hopefully he will be able to help me, ill be looking to add to it over the years as i think buying the case and front LL RGB fans will have my budget spent.

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Dang about that board not fitting the 500SE.. but.. 1000D will suck it up no issues,..


my 1000d thread (in progress)




oh boy that build is coming along nicely.


ill speak to scan tomorrow and see what i can do with regards to the case situation, i have a corsair theme going on so i do not really see any other option.


ill have to build it up myself so im glad your here to help with the fans and RGB.


get a swap over thread going as it isnt really a build, the parts were already in a 3xs build i recently bought. (and probably should of left alone now its in a million bits lol)

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i think i might go for the 570x mirror apposed to the 1000D





it fit the motherboard and sits on my desk.


that 1000D is massive it 100mm bigger than my desk so it will hang over the edge alittle which worries me.


then there is the cost which i dont think i can manage with at the minute, it will also be alot easier for me being a noob


do you still think they are and ok case? @zotty

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