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Problems Commander Pro + Lighting Node Pro


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I installed the Commander Pro + the Lighting Node Pro on my computer, the configuration is the following: an RGB Fan LED Hub, where I have connected to the 6 ports the cables of the LEDs of 6 fans HD120. The RGB Fan LED Hub is connected to the Commander Pro on Connector 1 (LED) and In the Lighting Node Pro I have connected in the Channel 1 - 3 LED strips of the kit and in the Channel 2 - 1 LED strips.

Well, I do not work properly... only 5 of the 6 fans work... the connected to 1 Fan of the Commander Pro does not revolve, but is the only one of the 6 that has LEDs on... (now do the test to connect this fan directly to the board and operate properly).

The LED strips connected to the Lighting Node Hub do not operate on either Channel 1 or 2.

The program ICUE detects the 6 fans but the number 1 are stopped. Despite indicating here that the fans are connected on Channel 1 and are HD fans do not work. The other 5 work but without the LEDs activated. I can change the speed of these 5 but not activate the LEDS.


I have checked several times all the cables of the installation and it is correct, Windows correctly detects all the components, like the ICUE application. Any clue or solution to the problem?

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First, the fans operate in series - they take a data signal and pass it down the chain. So 1 bad fan can take the entire chain out (even if it lights).

I would start with rearranging the fans on the hub. Take the fan that's on Port 1 and move it to port 6, moving the rest of the fans up.

Also, make sure that the channel is configured correct for 6 LL Fans.

With the Lighting Node Pro (NoPro) - the same - make sure that the channel is configured correctly.


Fans and strips are not auto-detected. There is no Plug-n-Play here.


Finally, why do you even have the NoPro in the picture? The CoPro has 2 lighting channels so it can drive both your RGB Strips and your fans from a single device. Unless there's another channel in the mix that you've not told us about ...


And ... be sure to check out the RGB FAQ linked in my signature. There's all kinds of goodness there.

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