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Corsair Vengeance RGB only one stick lights up (thaiphoon burner to fix?)


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Hi all,


So I just upgraded my Ryzen system from 1700X + Asrock AB350 ITX Gaming to 2700X + MSI B450M Mortar. The issue with my memory kit (CMR16GX4M2C300015) is that, on default (system standby, first boot, shutting down) only the right side of the memory lights up. It's not until I turned on iCUE then both memory module lights up.


There's some issue as well with how the memory is detected. On the BIOS, both memory modules is detected as 16GB, but on the BIOS component visual map, only the right side is displayed, while the first memory bank is empty. On CPUID, there's only one memory module displayed, while on the old Asrock AB350 ITX Gaming, it shows two memory module displayed.


So I searched around and found out a similar issue with G.Skill Trident Z module that stated conflict between the motherboard RGB application and other RGB controller application. In my case, I installed MSI Mystic lights from the get go because I don't like RGB, and the only way to turn off the motherboard RGB light is from the windows app (can't be turned off from the BIOS). In the same time, iCUE also running from the get go. I use one LL120 on exhaust set to display processor temperature.


I don't know if it's related, but one of the forum topic I found is that we can fix it through using Thaiphoon Burner, an app that is able to write the memory module EEPROM. Sadly that ability is only available for the paid version, the free version is only able to read XMP profile and do a CRC check. I did check the CRC and found the first bank module has a CRC error on it.


Is there a way to fix it without buying Thaiphoon Burner and basically voiding my warranty if I want to fix it myself?

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