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RMA Delayed Due to Corsair Website Problems


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I have an open ticket that's currently been open for 45 days with no sign of resolution... THE RMA IS EVEN APPROVED!!! It's the 3rd party site that collects CC info to process the Express RMA that has issues (See included screenshots).


Whomever is looking at my ticket keeps telling me to clear cache, do this, do that...and 'see if it fixes it'...


Thanks, I don't need level 1 support...


Can I just purchase a better keyboard from your site and return this one!?


In reality at this point my keyboard should be upgraded for free and sent at no cost. I'll gladly return this defective one!!! Just get me a keyboard that works!! I need it for work, so a non-Express RMA is not really an option, I don't have an extra keyboard lying around...


Is there ANYONE @ Corsair that can actually HELP!?







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I finally got the 'new' (refurbished) keyboard...but it's exhibiting the same issue as the other keyboard. Which leads me to believe this was a software problem, not hardware. Also, I did not get a shipping label to return the old one...how do I send it back?
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