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Dark Core RGB on Glass


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It is a correct statement that the Dark Core RGB does not perform well or reliably on a clean, clear glass surface? I just purchased the CH-9315011-NA model (Dark Core RGB no QI charging) and it, regardless DPI setting, cannot "see" clean, clear glass.

I have tried calibration but you cannot really calibrate something that isn't detecting movement.

Firmware is up-to-date as of this writing.

The product requirements do not state or notate in fine print that a mouse pad must be used.

That said, the documentation does state the can be "tuned to virtually any mouse pad." It does not go as far as to include any surface. I am not stating that there is any deception.

If I rub my hands on the glass to get normal body oil and, likely, dead skin cells on the glass' surface, then the mouse can detect its [the mouse's] movement. However, movements requiring finer control can cause the cursor to bounce around as the sensor is likely getting varying refractions of light it, seemingly, cannot properly interpret.

I do not really have space for a typical mouse pad-only about an area of 6" x 12" (15.24cm x 30.48cm). Sure, I could cut one to size or tap paper over the glass but that defeats the purpose of a glass workstation/area. Desk engineers just do not allow enough room on keyboard trays; 27.75" (70.5cm) in width is just not enough.

Unfortunately, poor performance on glass is a deal-breaker for me. If I cannot get this to work and/or it is just the case that the mouse does not perform well on clean, clear glass, then I have no choice to return it and purchase another Logitech MX Performance mouse that works on any surface--it's just after about five years of regular operation, the left click button is registering a double-click when single-clicking. That, of course, is not for this forum.


Thank you, in advance. Have a great day, evening, or night!

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I guess you don't know the different sensor types of mice. The Dark Core is an Optical sensor, meaning it uses a laser or lasers for tracking purposes. On clear glass, the laser doesn't reflect, and thus it doesn't track. I use a glass table, but mine is tinted.


The Logitech MX mice are Darkfield sensors. They take pictures, and report movement. This system will work on clear glass.


So if some sort of pad, even an ultra skinny one, is not suitable for you, then return the mouse and get another craptastic Logitech MX one. I went through 2 Performance MX mice due to failed left-click button. That mouse isn't a gamer mouse, and doesn't have the same quality button switches that gamer mice use, and as such, wear out quicker when used for gaming.


You may be able to put something on the underside of the table to allow for reflection if you wish to keep the surface clear.


EDIT: I was curious and I saw these, and I think they would look great on a glass desk. They're stained glass mouse pads:




I also saw while googling plenty of glass mousepads with frosted glass surfaces.

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