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K95 RGB Platinum: How to switch into BIOS mode at boot password prompt?

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Hi everyone,


I recently got a K95 RGB Platinum brown and have one problem that I haven't been able to solve. I understand that I need to switch the keyboard into BIOS mode, if I want to enter the BIOS and - while in Windows 10 - I have been successful at switching in and out of BIOS mode using the F1+Lock key combination.


I am using full system disk encryption with VeraCrypt, so at bootup I have to enter a password to boot into Windows. However at that password prompt that F1+Lock key combination doesn't work, so if the K95 isn't already in BIOS mode (e.g. because I've forgotten to turn that on before shutting down or rebooting), I need a 2nd keyboard to enter the password, which is a major nuisance.


So is there a way to turn on BIOS mode on the K95 RGB Platinum at boot time, before Windows has fully booted up?

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Apophis3, thanks so much for your reponse.


Unfortunately I wasn't able to get your suggestion to work. What I finally WAS able to get to work (at least most of the time) is to hold F1+Lock during the PC powerup and boot screen and release it BEFORE the VeraCrypt password prompt appears.


Well, it's better than having to use a 2nd keyboard, but it still seems very tedious. I'm not sure why they couldn't use a switch or button (on top or on the side of the keyboard) for this or - even better - have the keyboard operate in BIOS mode automatically, unless the OS keyboard driver signals that it can handle the non-BIOS mode.

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i have a korsair k95 platinum xt and for some reason the led lights don't turn on and the scroll lock light caps and num lock light are all flashing, i have checked the forum to take it out but it's not working at all and i have to do the reset thing every time to turn on the key board. tried downloading the ice firmware update but the keyboard turns of and nothing happens. can anyone help me.
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