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Make Lighting FX from Single Key


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I know this was possible on a previous version of CUE because I had it working for a time. Lost the profile when Windows Update wrecked my boot install.


What I want to do is have it so that hitting the Space Bar sends a ripple effect out across the whole keyboard, originating from the space bar.


I have set up a ripple effect. I know how to make it originate from key. I have it rippling across the whole board. However, so far I have only been able to A: Make it originate from key pressed, but on EVERY key not just space, which isn't what I want, or B: Make it only activate on space by having the ripple effect start "with profile" and having a space macro activate it, but it originates from the center of the board, not from the space bar.


How can I achieve what I am after?

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Hey, hey!


Yuppers, it looks like iCUE Actions, does not respect the lighting effect when you set that lighting effect to "Play from pressed key", and then make the Action fire that lighting effect on spacebar.


The effect fires when pressing the spacebar, but the effect is fired from the letter O, and not the defined action of spacebar, despite it being set to do so.


EDIT: Works with wave though, and you can change the degree of the wave to 90 and have the effect shoot upward toward the function keys when spacebar, and spacebar alone is pressed.

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As I suspected, this does not appear to be possible right now. Time to make some noise...


@Corsair - I am a software developer in my spare time. One of the very first lessons I learned was regressions are bad. They hurt the software. They hurt the userbase. They hurt your reputation. It used to be possible to do this, way back, possibly even in CUE 1.x. I bought this keyboard specifically because your sales pitch was fully custom programmable lighting, and was very happy with it because you delivered. Now the delivery has gone sour.


So let me be clear - It is ridiculous that this functionality is not supported. In fact, forget supported; it should be easy. Why?


Because this








the feature




is in heavy









There are more than 100 more... No more excuses. I gave you my money multiple times, and recommended you to multiple people, because you did some really cool things. I expect this feature to be added in iCUE because if your software is constructed half as sensibly as I expect it is, this is a 10 minute job for someone who knows the source. Get to it!

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