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crash follows lock state in chrome on fullscreen hulu?


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I seem to recall others posting about this, but I just experienced it for the first time and could not locate the threads in search easily (I could have had a bad query). I was watching Hulu on Chrome in full-screen (which as a point of reference I almost never do) and once the screen locked when I walked away, after logging back into the PC (and it was plugged into my monitor and tv physically and only the tv was active or on if any of that is relevant), once it logged back in, I could not get icue to kick back on.... it was stuck with the exclamation point. I even tried killing the corsair service and icue and restarting icue, but no dice until I would reboot. Otherwise, this very latest release has been ultra solid...


With no other issues I tried rebooting and for the record was able to reproduce it. I've not exported logs but certainly can and it literally has ONLY happened when I had chrome running fullscreen playing hulu and it went to lock and then I logged back in - and is for whatever reason reproducible.


I almost would imagine hulu has some licensor dictated reasoning by which it doesn't favor a lapse in hardware poll-ability so they can know no one is screen recording at infinite fidelity...but maybe that's paranoid crazy talk?

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