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Commander Pro Settings - Corsair Link


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Hi to all of you! Maybe this thread is opened again and i realy sorry if it does. I just do not have the time to look all the forum(Sorry again)

I am about tyo buy commander pro to keep monitoring and control all of my case fans and CPU cooler from one place. (i do not like the bios solution)\


As for the commander pro and corsair link. These are my questions:


-The commander pro have some prefix profiles as I read in some reviews.

-Can i use these one as a default so if iI format my pc i do not have to set it up again?


-What happens if the software (Corsair Link) fails? Do the commander pro save in its memory the profiles that i have made (Just like h110i does) or is 100% software depended?


Can someone verify me these???

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Hi Buddy.


yes to both..


the Commander Pro will continue to follow the fan curve it was last set to should iCue or Link not be running..


to add..


you can also back up your own profiles you made your self should you need to format and reinstall or indeed change PC's.....

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