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H100i Pro RGB - Rattling Noise in Quite Mode


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I recently purchased a new H100i PRO RGB cooler for my Corsair 280X build. I'm using it with 2 LL120 fans. I'm getting a rattling noise from the AIO that's quite annoying. This happens even when the CPU is idling at 30C. I've the PC right next to me on my desk, so it's hard to not hear it.


The noise is noticeable in Quite Mode, and becomes increasingly louder in Balanced and Extreme modes. I can see in iCue that the pump rpm is somewhat expected - ~1100 in Quite, ~2100 in Balanced , ~2800 in Extreme. I get this noise even when the fans are set to Zero RPM.


Here's what it sounds like:


[ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzRXCidekVs]Quite Mode with glass panel on(YouTube)[/ame]


[ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVxlNuf7FXk]Quite, Balanced and Extreme mods with glass panel off(YouTube)[/ame]


I can tell its the pump noise because it increases as I change modes, while keeps the fans at a constant speed.


I've never used an AIO before. My previous air cooler was whisper quite on idle. Is that the expected AIO noise level? Or do I have a defective unit? I've a week left to return it.


I like my system to be whisper quite for general tasks, so the noise kinda bothers me.



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Hello, definitely request an exchange for the unit. The pump should not be making this type of noise.


Thanks for your suggestion! I picked up another unit from my local BestBuy. I'm happy to report that this unit is whisper quite! :D: Virtually inaudible in quite mode! And it's barely audible in balanced. Just what I wanted! :biggrin:


So my first unit was probably a dud. I ordered it via Google Express from BestBuy too. Hopefully they'll accept the return.

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