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Strange problem with iCUE 3.7.99


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Hi guys,


first, a HUGE shoutout to Lewis Gerschwitz for making such awesome profiles for Corsair's keyboards.


I just have a really frustrating problem with my iCUE software. The < and ' keys (the one above with the left windows key and the one next to enter) are not working properly. Those keys have always the spiral rainbow lightning effect on, regardless of which profile I use - except in static lightning profiles they don't have any lighting at all. I have the same problem with basically every profile I have downloaded from Lewis' website. If I fix them manually, they work properly, but this is still very strange and frustrating.


These problematic profiles always have in the "lightning effect" list the spiral rainbow enabled, and it's even marked as default. I have no idea why, is it supposed to be like that?


I also had the same problem with the older iCUE softwares; tried to delete and reinstall it as well.


See the pic below; it shows the problem pretty well.


Many thanks for any help in advance!


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The spiral rainbow pattern is the default lighting for most devices. For whatever reason, iCUE often creates a base layer of it when converting profiles from CUE to iCUE. This can happen with your own saved/exported profiles as well. After installing a new profile, just scan through the effects list. If you see a rainbow spiral at the bottom, most likely you can delete it. Typically this just happens on keyboards, but it might also happen on anything programmed on the old CUE 2.


As for the two keys, it is probably a conversion error. The nuances of making the profiles work for every model of keyboard regardless of key layout is beyond me, but I suspect you can fix the two keys in each faster than solving the mystery. I would be more concerned if the keys lighting did not follow your programming of did not function in some way.

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