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Switch profile when holding key, switch back when releasing key


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This was really simple to set up back in the old CUE software, but now that I'm using iCUE on a new computer with its awful new UI I can't find any way to get this working at all, and I haven't seen any threads explaining it.

What I want is to hold down the function key to switch to profile 2, which would then let me use the profile 2 bindings while I'm holding it, and then when I release it go back to profile 1. For example, using function+X to pause music and function+shift to open the calculator. I can do these things by switching to profile 2 by pressing function, using the keys by themselves, and then switching back by pressing it again, but I don't know why it's so hard to set up the same functionality that the old software had years ago.

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can you share screencaps or videos? You can do a while pressed profile switch and do what you are discussing. I do it all the time. Perhaps the function key is causing some hiccup?


The one and only downside is if you are in a cuefolder or have multiple cue profiles associated with a single application, if focus is lost or stolen in a subsequent profile, it tends not to default to where it should. that said, that minor limitation does not sound like it would be a problem in your current use case.

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This is how you do it.

click the plus

make sure the action is a profile switching action

click the function key

direct profile selection under switching mode

select profile (you need to already have a new profile created which you do with the plus next to profile)

make sure while pressed is selected




on your switched to profile, create an action and define what it does and select the key.



let us know how it works for you?

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