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Flathead Radiator Screws H115i Pro


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Hi everyone,

I have the mentioned H115i Pro installed in the top of a Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic. Sadly the screw heads are a little to big to close the top cover with the dust filter.


Now I am wondering if there are some kind of flat headed screws I could use instead. I can't seem to find useful information about the screw sizes needed.


Do any of you have the information or know about flat headed screws?



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Typically M3.5 with a max length of 30mm. Obviously the fan is 25mm thick so it needs to be more than that. If you feel like the 30mm is going to be just a little too long, throw some rubber washers down to keep the screw tip further away from the radiator fins.


I don't use them very often, so if someone else who does has suggestions, but all means... You may still be able to find UNC 6-32. It necessary for some things. You could likely also order them from a PC specialty store, although surely at a premium for the lavish black paint.

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