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MP510 slow loading times in simulator games


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Yesterday I received a new Corsair MP510 960Gb to replace my Intel 750 800Gb PCIE SSD as primary disk.


After installing everything I did some benchmarks with AS-SSD and to my suprise there was a big difference in a couple of values compared to a MP510 review which was done this week by a hardware site here in Holland: Hardware.info.

I'm using hardware.info testresult's as baseline to compare the values I've got when benchmarking with AS-SSD.

Where most values were within a couple of percentage of HWI , with 4K read and 4KThrd write there is a big difference :

HWI got 46,95 MB/s with 4K read, I got 40,27

But with 4k-64Thrd write i've got 2478,57MB/s , where HWI got 1160,98MB/s


Now the thing which was import to me :

I'm doing alot with X-Plane 11 flight simulator and Cities Skylines.

With both these simulators I'm using alot of adddon sceneries, mods and assets.


I haven't bin able to time the laoding with X-Plane 11 , but on feeling it takes a lot longer then before with the Intel 750.

Same with Cities Skylines : were before with the Intel 750 it took 140 seconds to load, now with the MP510 it takes between 155 and 160 seconds.

And in Cities Skylines the fps dropped with +/- 156 fps compared to the Intel 750.



The tempreture of the MP510 doesn't excied 40 degrees : so that's good.

When writing files from the HDD to the MP510 the speed is consistend : it's the HDD that is the slowest, not the MP510.


Something isn't quit right, I just can't figure out what it is.



PS :

The MP510 is my primary disk, and divided in 2 :

- 1 parition for Windows 10

- the other parition, the larges one for games.

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