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New iCue update & 1 x LL120 fan goes dead


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Where is the fan connected? Are any splitters involved?


Cheers for the reply,

The fan is on the front of the rad, powered by a 10 port fan hub with no splitters.


Seems there may be some sort of software conflict between iCue latest update & A*us AI Suite 3, as everything was fine before the iCue update yet the problem started after updating iCue.

(I'm trying to use AI Suite 3 to see if it will control the fans as I'm unable to control fans via iCue.)


I uninstalled iCue & still had the issue, rebooted uninstalled AI Suite 3, rebooted & the problem was gone :confused:


If it is of any help, the log before all uninstalling is attatched.


iCue log.zip

Now I'll reinstall iCue & see what happens.

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