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No happy at all with the RMA service..rubbish!!


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Yes im complaining, its taken almost a week to get an advanced RMA setup.

It says nothing on the website under support as in what to do for the Advanced RMA, how do you expect people to set it up if you do not explain how too?


Years ago my RMA was processed very quickly i think by GreyBeard but nowadays the support really has taken a nosedive which is a shame.


I wont be buying Corsair products again tbh, this experience has really put me off, can anybody here tell me who to setup and advanced RMA as the admins here do not seem to know and all the website says is this and i quote


"To request an Express or Advanced RMA, a valid credit card must be provided to secure the new replacement unit for shipping prior to CORSAIR receiving the defective unit."


So once ive setup my support ticket an admin tells me to go here and look at the advanced RMA and follow the steps...




Greybeard are you around please? Can you get this resolved for me asap, ive sent you a PM!



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