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Need A diagram


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i am going to be getting the 1000D Supertower with 18 120mm ll rgb fans, Can someone please make me a diagram of how many Commanders i need And Rgb fan hubs i will need, I amy add 4 Rgb strips, i want the best rgb sync and power to fans. please help me out

EDIT i may Place 3 120mm ll fans on the corsair 360 mm radiator as well, depending if i feel the radiator takes away from the aesthetic.

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Good Luck Bob!.. welcome to the 1000d club :)


as suggested,, visit the threads









heres how mine is set up at the moment




one i did for someone else




this one is for a custom loop



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worth the mention.....


360 Radiator....


assuming you mean the H150i Pro?


where did you plan on mounting that?


reason i mention it is.. you can only have one plan... as it will only fit in one place in the 1000d due to how long the tubes are on the H150i Pro.


and thats up in the top... which means you need to replace the stock 3 x 140mm fan tray with the 4x120mm tray










this one shows you how dangerously tight it is if you dare to push it.....



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How can 8 fans fit into a commander pros 6 fan ports?


Edit ah i see the y spliter now, what is the best y spliter to get? How many y spliter can 1 commander pro accommodate? i am going for the Front mount for the 150i And can someone please make me another graph i know it is asking alot but i want it to work right at the start, 18 ll 120 fans 1 360 mm 150i corsair radiator.


Edit "the RGB effect is only visible from the intake side of the fan." So if i have the top 8 fans venting heat I wont get any rgb?


Edit Do i need the trays if i am mounting radiators? in a perfect world i would have 2 480mm up front and 2 360mm up top

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