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kinda disappointed with HD120 RGB controller


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I have had these fans for a little now. The fans themselves are nice, but the RGB options are so much more limited then excepted.


"The CORSAIR HD120 RGB LED high static pressure PC case fans combine excellent air delivery with individually controlled RGB LEDs for vivid lighting effects"



"Individually controlled RGB LED lighting


Each of the 12 RGB LEDs, built directly into the fan frame, are fully customizable, unlocking nearly endless customization and lighting effects."


"Easy-access 3-button controller

Allows you to cycle through lighting effects, effect speeds, and individual RGB LED colors."


Quotes from Corsair's website



I do not have a RGB header on my asus z170 pro gaming mobo. So, I'm dependent on the controller. After spending $150 on 5 fans. After realizing the limitation of this controller. I only leave them on static purple. kind of a waste IMO


To my understanding I'm have to spend another $70 on the commander pro just take advantage of what my fans have to offer?:bigeyes:

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You can also look at it the other way. You have the option of not buying the Commander Pro or Lighting Node Pro and still having RGB fans. With the other fans it is a requirement and the purchase costs reflect that. At the time the HD series was released, this was how it and similar products worked. Software configuration came later.


I don't disagree the HD are a little disappointing when you rely solely on the thumb controller. I think I made it two weeks before taking them off originally, with a permanent purple shade burned into the right side of my face. It is worth your while to to get the lighting controller in either form and once I did, everything became more satisfying, especially a brightness control. Rather than think of it as being a shake down, compare the price of the HD120 3 pack (without a controller) to the LL120 (with a LNP inside). Not surprisingly, the difference is about the cost of a standalone LNP. If you are looking for bargains in the RGB world, you are going to be disappointed. It is a luxury item.

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