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VS DDR400 (512) with an XMS DDR500 (512)


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Just sold of a gig and a half of VS DDR400, ;eaving me with one 512 DIM, I was gonna buy a Gig of DDR500 XMS. However now I'm stable as can be at 3.3 with that VS DDR400 512 DIMM.


But I want a little bit more out of the Pressy... so WILL THE XMS DDR500 RUN IN TANDEM WITH THE VS DDR400??Say at an FSB of 225 or so...


This may have been reponded to in another post but after a search couldn't find so please link if that's the case... thanks.


P4 pressy 3.0

512 VS DDR400

600w PS 24A on +12V

X800 Pro

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Well the issue is not with the bios, this platform has the memory controller in the CPU and as such if the modules SPD's are not matched it sometimes will not be able to define the correct settings thus giving a No memory detected error.
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The system reconized both dims fine at by SPD and at VS Settings 3-3-3-6. I'll post the PCMark Scores later. And more info on the OC'ing....



After 2 days of tweaking I've manage to get a set of stable PCMark4 scores from the mismatched dims.


You might think great, well, I was happy with some of the scores, all of which were higher with a 512 xms ddr500 dim. See the screen shot. Notice the memory score... real low. I decided to pull the VS and craigslist it and pick up another XMS, and a new mobo :laughing:




That is unless anyone can think of a way to get those dims running better together... timings, voltages, etx.


p4 3.0 @ 3.315 vcore 1.475v

512 DDR500 XMS - 221fsb -2.75v

X800 Pro 506/452

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