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Hot CPU at startup H110iGTX


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I've had my H110iGTX installed since September 2016.

However, recently within the last couple of months I noticed that I was getting some very loud fan noise at boot up.

Checking the Corsair Link App and CPUID HWmonitor I can see that my CPU is hitting 100C!

Eventually this all cools down after around 10 minutes.

Final idle temps are back around 26C.


So I was wondering why the sudden high CPU temp at startup?

Before I start to fiddle, I was wondering the best approach.


This is my first AIO, so I was wondering if after 2 years it needed some sort of maintenance? e.g. Am I supposed to remove it \ clean up the old thermal paste \ re-apply and re seat it?

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Question: Is the H110iGTX powered from the SATA connection? If not, see section B of the Liquid Cooler FAQ.


Repasting would be a good idea but I'm not sure that's the root cause of your problem. Usually when we see something like this, it's blockage in the radiator. However, the fact that it does eventually cool down to normal temps isn't indicative of blockage. It's quite odd actually.

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It's connected to the CPU_FAN on the motherboard.

So I popped open the BIOS.


My ASUS BIOS has this Q-Fan Control.

I noticed that the CPU FAN was set to 'Standard' profile, with it scaling up with temp starting at 50% at 30C. I've set this now to 'Full Speed' and rebooted the PC.

I now get around 70C max at bootup rather than 100C before it all starts to drop.


For a true test I'm going to power everything off and let everything cool down to normal off temps and then try again later.

If it is this then it's odd as I don't remember setting this BIOS setting on install.


I also noticed a bit too much dust in the PC. :sigh!:

I'll have to give it proper clean out as the dust on the radiator probably doesn't help, although not really the cause of this issue. That may explain the slightly higher idle temps I have now over the initial installation.

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