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A few questions


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Hi guys!


I just finished building my first PC, I wanted to have some unity across the system so my fans, ram, cooler, keyboard, mouse, and headphone stand all came from Corsair because I figured it would allow some flexibility when it came to RGB lighting. While I was correct in my assumption, the iCue software leaves somethings to be desired.


1. Are there RGB extender cables available? I am trying to have excellent cable management in the build but can not seem to find a RGB connector extension to go from the fan to commander pro. I had a extra cable for power and not RGB and want to know where I could get one.


2. Does anyone know the status on being able to change the orientation of fans in the iCue software? I really do not want to remove all of my fans and rotate them accordingly, as that might introduce cable management problems, just so I can use the Pong effect on all 6 LL fans. (which is my favorite hands down)


3. Does anyone know why in the iCue software I keep getting a message to reboot my system? It's there even after a reboot.


I'm sure as I tinker with the system over the next few days I will learn some more. But just wanted to know if someone maybe had the answers i'm looking for.



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1) Take a look in my signature for how to make them. That said, if you PM me, we can discuss having some made for you.


2) That's something that's on the list to do but I don't have any ETA. I'd like it as well. It'd be far easier to rotate the fans in software than in hardware.


3) That's quite odd. Usually I'll see that after a new device is installed while the system is running. Personally, I've always ignored it. Can you dismiss it?

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