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Corsair VOID Pro USB RGB Microphone issue


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Hello. I've been having this issue for a long time now, and have been searching everywhere on the internet but I haven't found a solution.


NOTE: (This is not a problem with Discord. This happens even when Discord is completely closed.)


So every time I try to play any sort of game, whether it be LoL, CS:GO, or even Terraria, my microphone will suddenly stop picking up my voice in the middle of a game session.


Things I have tried:

Restarting PC

Unplugging and plugging headphones back in (Temporary fix)

Muting and unmuting microphone

Disconnecting from Discord voice and reconnecting (Temporary fix, but problem comes back a few moments later. Also only works in some cases.)

Resetting headset via iCUE

Re-installing iCUE

Using headset without iCUE

Updating drivers

Updating firmware

Updating iCUE

Reinstalling drivers


I have done everything I can possibly think of, and this problem still persists. Please, if anyone has a PERMANENT solution, I will thank you eternally.

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Hi nepu94, can you see if it does the same disconnecting on another computer as well? Just checking in case something might be interfering with the headset's audio driver.


I will try it and get back to you :)


EDIT: Turns out I don't have access to another computer capable of running games. Sorry :(

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