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Cooling System + LED Stripes + Fans

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Dear forum,


just some patience with an Italian (and not skilled English) guy.

I've (and happy) the Hydro H150i.

Now I wish to change the fans with this Corsair LL120 RGB and add the LED stripes.



1) The fans included with the H150i are magnetic, very quite. Is it a good idea to change them?

2) how can I joint all together? the AIO is connected with the internal USB 2.0 port, but I've only 1 exit port, so if I'll use the commander pro, can I connect all together?


Thanks for the help.



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The LL120s won't have the same level of performance but it's unlikely that it'll make much difference. You're fine changing them out if you want the RGB effects.

The Commander Pro will go to the motherboard USB. The H150i can then plug into the USB on the Commander Pro.

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Can I use the CORSAIR RGB LED Lighting PRO from a motherboard RGB header other then using Corsair Commander Pro


Not unless you have the JCORSAIR header that's on some MSI motherboards.


Most motherboard RGB is 12V ... the Corsair RGB is 5V. Putting 12V in there will kill them.

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