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Void RGB Wireless headset won't charge when headset is off?


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I tried BOTH charging via computer and also direct from wall plug.


When my headset is OFF, it still stays the same via icue I saw 64% even after charging for a few hours. On the software in PC it will says charging but nothing happens.


But when I turn ON my headset while I am charging, it will charge to 100%.


Does anyone have similar problems?


OR do I actually need to charge it while I turn ON my headset?




p/s this is for Void Pro Wireless RGB model headset

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Try using the headset until it completely drains and no longer turns on, then fully charge with it still off and without any interruption. Also, what version of iCUE are you currently running on your system?



Okay thanks! Should I charge it using my PC or charge it directly from the outlet power wall?

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