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K70 Mk.2 Not working on Mac OSX


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Hi all,


I've had a really good look round but not found the exact fix for myself.

Please excuse me if I missed a guide of sorts knocking around.



I have a 2018 MacBook Pro and a Corsair K70 Mk.2 and they don't seem to be getting on well with each other.


When I boot up my Mac with the Keyboard plugged in I appear to have dead keys on the logon/password entry screen.

It also seems to disable some keys on the MacBook too which is very strange.


I have to unplug the keyboard from my Mac, enter my password in on the Mac and it then lets me in, I can then plug the keyboard back in and it seems to type again.


Also, I have noticed that the keyboard is also set up to a different language setting too, as the SHIFT and 2 key returns @ instead of " ....


I really would appreciate some help, I have been looking at the forum for a few days and you all seem like a good bunch.

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Corsair K70 RGB low profile not working on login page. Keys seem to be mapped to other keys. Change input layout seem not working. Even the build in keyboard not working too.


Temporary solution: unplug keyboard, type password from built in kb and then plug again. This is suck

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