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Corsair HS70 Auto-Shutdown won't stay off?


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As it says on the tin. Just bought this headset today, works great, but I've noticed that, even after unticking the box so I have Auto-Shutdown turned off, it somehow turns itself back on and scares the living heck out of me. When I turn it off, I want it to STAY off. Why is it turning itself back on? Does anyone have any solutions to keeping it off?


I'm usually in wireless mode when it does this, but regardless after having a little bit of silence of nothing making sound on my computer, it still turned itself back on and scared me yet again. Any help would be appreciated.



EDIT: Leaving the headset plugged in overnight to charge hasn't produced the same concern. The checkbox is still unchecked as I need it to be. I'll see how it behaves throughout the day unplugged, hopefully with the same good news.


EDIT #2: After having a day spent without it plugged in, I didn't experience this issue again. Not sure what caused it the first time, but it seems to have stopped. If a mod could close this thread that would be fine.

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