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Lighting not working RGB Hub


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Hi, I've emailed tech support about 5 days ago and still haven't heard back so I'm posting here.



I have Three 120ML fans and two 140ML fans connected to my RGB hub that's connected to my commander pro and I'm having some trouble getting anything to work with software.


Icue software 4 of 5 fans light up however the fan in port 1 is partially with left, right and bottom only, If I plug any other fan into port one they work fine however if I plug them into port 2 after plugging into port 1 then they are fine and the first port is fixed while 3-6 does not work with 1&2 plugged in.


3 works if I unplug 1 and plug it into 3 then 2&3 work while 1,4.5 and 6 stop working.

2 gets a partial light with just the right side being green.

After reboot all fans stopped showing colors except number one and it's partial 3 again.


I do have a lighting node pro as well and this problem exists with that also so I'm thinking I got a defective hub with my combo deal.


Here's a video clip and a picture.




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I'm inclined to think that you actually have a bad fan or two. Have you tried to rearrange the fans on the hub rather than plugging in one port or the other? The fans work in a series ... Fan 1 passes the signal to Fan 2 which then passes it to Fan 3 ... so one bad fan can make the whole thing go kerflooey.
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Yes, I have my connections like this.



Front case fans connected to RGB 1-3, Top case fans connected to RGB 4-5, Hub connected to Commander Pro LED 1.


Lighting node pro connected to commander pro via USB port but has no other connections as I don't have any RGB strips



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