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BSOD Loop - system thread exception not handled - corsairvbusdriver.sys


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After trying and failing to manually update a corsair driver I was trapped in a BSOD loop and had to completely reset both SSD and HDD and now am running a clean install of Windows 10.

However, when trying to install corsair utility engine I BSOD again with system thread exception not handled and "corsairvbusdriver.sys" being the reason.

Afterwards I can boot up normally and carry on, but I cannot install any drivers relating to corsair.

The corsair products I own are K65 RGB Keyboard, M65 RGB Mouse and the H60 Water cooler.

I have manually factory reset both the Mouse and Keyboard and the issue still persists.

When using command prompt to try and rename the file so it can be ignored it says the file cannot be found and resetting the CMOS and BIOS to default also didn't solve the issue.

What else can be done to fix the issue caused by corsair's drivers?

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