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Scimitar pro left click getting tough?

Lord Dakota

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This might be the issue my Scimitar is experiencing with the Right Click button, but I'm hesitant to take apart the mouse without replacement mouse feet.


I know this is an old thread but I just wanted to clarify:

There are no replacement feet for the mouse. The way its design is the switch in the mouse is a basically a rectangle, and the foot is another rectangle except they connect in a "+" formation. This causes the foot to wear down where it touches and makes the click sensitivity harder. The foot is not removable as it is molded into the actual shell of the mouse therefore not replaceable.


I wouldn't be too afraid to break it as it is merely 4 screws underneath the pads on the bottom of the mouse and a few plastic clips holding it on. As long as you aren't shoving a screwdriver in places it shouldn't be (I.E. prying the shell off. It should be pretty easy to remove with little force) then it should be fine to take it apart. Just remember the orientation the pads go, and to put them back as accurately as possible. I am not sure if there are replacement pads for the bottom if you mess em up, but I'm sure some felt would work if you don't use a mouse pad (if you do, they are probably fine without it if you scrape the glue off the bottom)


As OP stated, they took it apart and glued a piece of metal in its place and it fixed it. What I did was I took a few small squares of duct tape and stacked them on top of each other then I stuck it to the foot of the mouse. This worked for a few months, but it slid off eventually and had to be replaced. OP's method is probably better. You could probably use aluminum tape and have better success as it tends to have stronger adhesive, or you could sand the foot sides and stick the tape better.


Not sure if you ever went through with this fix or just bought a new mouse/replaced that one, but I'd figure I'd chime in having opened the mouse twice now to fix it temporarily.

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