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iCUE - Corsair Link - Can't control H150i Pro RGB


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I just installed the stated product in my system. I first installed iCue, however it states "No device detected!"


So I installed Corsair Link, and it does recognize it's there, under the configure tab it says;


H150i Pro

this device is being controlled by iCUE


Corsair Link version v4.9.7.35

iCUE version 3.7.99


Bottom line, I have no RGB control, the pump is just doing the rainbow thing, the fans are not illuminated at all (they are all spinning, the system is up and running and pumping and so on)


Any ideas?

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That is one way to do it and in your current configuration there really isn't any loss of capability in staying with Link. That said, iCUE should recognize the cooler since Link does and Link has already reached the end of its service life. If you add RGB fans, iCUE offers more complex lighting options. Any future improvements will be delivered through iCUE.
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