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Power lose installing iCUE


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Good afternoon all, When I'm trying to install the latest iCUE software I keep getting power lose at the end of the install. almost like a temperature cut off but the temps are fine I've checked logs for temps and there is no temp issues Unsure whats causing this any help would be appreciated system specs as below


i7 3820K

Cooler - H115i

Asus X79 P9 Pro mobo

16GB Corsair Vengance ram

Windows 10 pro latest Build 64bit


Corsair Link

860W Corsair AX860i

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As in a hard shutdown to a power off state? It would be exceptionally unusual for any kind of program to force a hard shutdown. A BSOD and reboot... sure. Power off usually means there is a power supply issue, either the PSU or the motherboard. This is always a hard one to troubleshoot.


I am not sure why the install of iCUE would trigger this, but one way to start ruling things out is to disconnect the communication cable from the AX860i PSU to the board (and severing it from Link/iCUE). If somehow the program is having a negative effect on the PSU through some sort of control error, this should prevent that.


If it's still happening after, then you need to start looking at PSU and mobo connections. If you are actually on Windows 10 1809, then that may play a part and this could be a difficult process.

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